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Addie_Fall_2008Fall is just around the corner and with that season come winds of change.  An exciting time, yet for many a time that represents the dying of the summer, and a movement into the dormancy of winter.  Each season brings profound change (especially living in the Northern part of the country) but each change of the season that is seen on the outside of creation is as a result of what is going on on the inside.  Leaves will chage colors as the tree internally prepares for winter.

In the Bible, God challenges us with these words through the writer Paul:

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Romans 12.2)

Conformation or Transformation are both something that happens TO us.  Something that we can choose, but can’t completely direct.  Something that we can seek after, but can’t control exactly how either happens.  We can actively resist one, which ultimately leads us toward the path of the other.  Returning to the thoughts of the season’s change…a tree could resist the Fall transformation (if it could) but soon it would find itself conforming to the death that the climate that the winter freeze will bring.

I want to choose the path of transformation in my life!  This is the more difficult path immediately…it is so much easier to stay in what I know, in what is comfortable, in what is the norm that I see around me.  But in the end the more difficult path is truly the path of conformity as it leaves us barren, lifeless, stripped of true fulfillment of the deep desires God has put in us.

“…this is fundamentally what spiritual transformation is all about: choosing a way of life that opens us to the presence of God in the places of our being where our truest desires and deepest longings stir.  These discoveries are available to all of us as we become more honest in naming what isn’t working so that we can craft a way of life that is more congruent with our deepest desires.” (Ruth Haley Barton, Sacred Rhythms)

If you are involved in my life, in my journey through this land, please ask me how I am putting myself in places of transformation!  Sometimes you will ask me at just the right time when I am drifting into conformity and away from true inner renewal transformation.

Also, share ways that you have experienced God’s transformation in your life so that we can encourage one another to live in and embrace “what is good and acceptable, and perfect.”!

Costa Rica Pictures!!

Ok, we finally got our pictures posted from our Costa Rica Trip!

We went for 10 days, mainly working with Green Earth Coffee in a village of the Cabecar indians in the Cartago Provence.  This was our first mainly humanitarian type trip that we have worked with (even though we ended up in a 2 hr. church service in the dark with some Cabecar people each night after 10-12 hr work days).  What a fantastic team we went with!!  I have never lead a team where everyone was so eager to work hard with ANY job and not complain.  I know that the connections we made there will stay with us for the rest of our life!

Strawberry Fields Forever

strawberry_fields-1.jpgSince living in Pennsylvania our family has developed a June tradition – strawberry picking!! For several years now we have headed out to the near by farm (not even a mile from our house) to pick, eat, pick, eat, pick, eat… wonderful strawberries. Each year we have to take a ton of pictures to record the event and this year was no different! Owen really enjoyed the eating and the smushing of the strawberries, and was he fun to watch! Emma was inspired by the day to write the following story:

First typed as seen on the paper:

picking sorawbeerrres

wrieten by Emma Moore

“Hi my name is Emma I am going to pick sorawberrrves

sorawbeerrves is fun

I like it

it is fun fun fun

Do you like it too?

Yay you do

it was hot

I got a dek”

Now with the helpful translation 🙂

Picking Strawberries

Written by Emma Moore

“Hi, my name is Emma.

I am going to pick strawberries.

Strawberries is fun!

I like it! It is fun, fun, fun!

Do you like it too? Yay, you do!

It was hot! I got a drink.”

To cap the day off we joined in on another Pennsylvainian tradition – having strawberry shortcake for dinner. Not with dinner, no FOR dinner!!

Enjoy the pictures 🙂owen_strawberry-1.jpg

We’ve gone Mac!!

Wow, for the longest time I would tell the “Apple freaks” I knew that a Windows PC was just as good.

Then…I started doing media projects on Mac computers and…Oh my!! I was convinced. (my apologies to those “Apple freaks” over the years…I was wrong). So we now own a pretty and powerful Mac-mini like the one below. My statement after getting it a few weeks ago and setting it up was “It just does things!” And that is true, on a PC it was usually a frustrating experience because it was SUPPOSED to do things but always ran into problems. The Mac is more intuitive and when there are problems (it is still a computer) much easier to fix.

Now, to put the icing on the cake, we are making the switch with our team at work to increase our media capabilities, productivity, and presentation abilities.

So, any of you Mac lovers out there who want to pass on some tips and “be sure to…” or “have you seen…”, please do. Mandy and I are learning so much.

Also, because it is incredibly easy to do, we have updated some new pictures on our gallery too, so check out Owen’s 1st birthday, Christmas 07, and our Bird pictures!! Yes bird pictures…we have always enjoyed birds, but this past Fall my parents opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Store in Tulsa, OK. So for Christmas we enjoyed getting some new feeders, birdbath and some seed. I never knew that the type and quality of seed had so much to do with the type and amount of birds you see at your feeders (makes sense though, good food, more birds) We are getting so many birds that we have never seen at our feeders in 5 years!! Fun


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Updated Family Pictures

Just a quick note to say that we have updated some of our family photos. A few new albums…Owen at 7 months, Owen at 8 months, Addie’s Soccer Team Fall 2007. Enjoy

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