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I am an extravert and I am OK with that

Home, it is a great place to return to!  We arrived home after a 17 day vacation tour of Texas that included 4,008 miles in the car!  We live in Pennsylvania, which is over 1400 miles from one of our Grandparents homes.  The majority of our family is dotted all over Texas and it is a big state.  After driving to see them as well as good friends from years past (about 1200 miles) we have the 1400 mile return trip.  Why would anyone drag a family of 6 through 4008 miles of Suburban driving?  We love people, family and friends who we do not see often, that is why!

Eleven years ago the Lord lead us to Pennsylvania, a wonderful move for our family.  We came here as a family of three and while here the Lord has added three “moore” to our numbers 🙂  We love Pennsylvania, it is home!  But it does not change the fact that our roots are Texan and our family lives in that big old Lone Star State.  We try to make trips back once a year or something close to it.

I was thinking that this vacation of ours would probably be an introvert’s nightmare!  We went from one social occasion to another, visiting with people each day.  And I loved it!  I guess I am an extravert for sure!  It is amazing how the Lord makes us uniquely different.  We are even different in the ways we relax and re-coop.  Give me a room full of family and friends who will sit and talk deeply about heart issues as well as laugh and joke along the way, and I am ready to go.

I hope you are grabbing a family vacation this summer, and that it is tailored just right for your personality.

PS Check back tomorrow for my top ten things you need for a family vacation road trip

Strawberry Fields Forever

strawberry_fields-1.jpgSince living in Pennsylvania our family has developed a June tradition – strawberry picking!! For several years now we have headed out to the near by farm (not even a mile from our house) to pick, eat, pick, eat, pick, eat… wonderful strawberries. Each year we have to take a ton of pictures to record the event and this year was no different! Owen really enjoyed the eating and the smushing of the strawberries, and was he fun to watch! Emma was inspired by the day to write the following story:

First typed as seen on the paper:

picking sorawbeerrres

wrieten by Emma Moore

“Hi my name is Emma I am going to pick sorawberrrves

sorawbeerrves is fun

I like it

it is fun fun fun

Do you like it too?

Yay you do

it was hot

I got a dek”

Now with the helpful translation 🙂

Picking Strawberries

Written by Emma Moore

“Hi, my name is Emma.

I am going to pick strawberries.

Strawberries is fun!

I like it! It is fun, fun, fun!

Do you like it too? Yay, you do!

It was hot! I got a drink.”

To cap the day off we joined in on another Pennsylvainian tradition – having strawberry shortcake for dinner. Not with dinner, no FOR dinner!!

Enjoy the pictures 🙂owen_strawberry-1.jpg

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