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Hello 2010!

moore familyA new year calls for new and renewed goals.  If you are not purposeful in life, you will get swept up in whatever is around you and before you know it years will have passed by, patterns will be set, and unwanted results will be occurring.  We find this can be true in our lives so we are challenged to be purposeful and want to challenge others to do the same.

As a family we have purposed to step up to the challenge of learning to love one another better in 2010.  Now, that would be a nice traditional resolution, but to make it effective, we have given it more specifics. (read fellow blogger, Michael Hyatt, about making resolutions “stick”)

So we have chosen 1 Peter 4.8-9 to guide us through this year.

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.

In a family of 6, love, hospitality, and not grumbling are great necessities for a well functioning team.  So our goals all carry this focus with them.

We will memorize 1 Peter 4.8-9 as a family, and use it as a springboard for prayer throughout the year.  Mandy will be dedicating time throughout the year studying the ways God loves.

    Brian will increase daddy-dates with each child to happen 1 time per month on the date of their birthday.  So Emma, who has a birthday on November 5th, rejoiced that she gets to be the first one under the new goal…she is already making plans for what we will do on Tuesday, January 5th. (Owen doesn’t start yet because we start them on their 3rd birthday)
    All the family will each read at least 20 books this year (Isabelle and Owen will have to be read to).  Our blog readers will for sure be kept up to date on what books we are reading and how this goal is progressing through the year
    Mandy and Brian will run a half-marathon this year (Kuddos to Greg & Allison for the marathon/half-marathon they will be running in a few weeks!)
    Brian will submit 3 articles this year to a magazine for publication consideration

As we listen to the direction of God and walk with him through this year of loving, there will be more goals that we commit to and ways that we will change what we have set out to do.  We look forward to how this year will unfold as we strive to live out this journey of faith, family, and ministry.  May the Lord bless you and your goals in the year 2010…share your goals in the comments!!

Moore Memorable Moments of 2009

Today is the last day of 2009 and with that comes the desire to take a moment to reflect back on the treasured events of this past year.  We are thankful for the Lord’s many blessings!  He is always so faithful to provide for our needs and bless us with delights along the way.  Even the difficult times are a blessing from Him, since they cause us to draw even closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here are a few of our memory highlights of 2009:


  • Bed & Breakfast weekend getaway gift given to Mandy and I from students in the ministry
  • Summer vacationing in the Adirondacks for the first time…being blessed with an incredible campsite
  • Speaking the full message from 2 Peter for the Calvary Church main service the day after my birthday
  • 24 hour Junior & Senior guys wilderness retreat this past November.  The outdoors is a great place for getting to know others and growing deeper with God.
  • Getting a bow and arrows, something that I have wanted to get for years…now to keep practicing and learn hunting to get my first deer (hopefully a 2010 highlight!)


  • Watching Addie play soccer!  That girl just headed the ball 🙂  GOAL!!!
  • Hearing Emma tell all about her day at school.  She is so animated in her stories and just loves her teacher Mr. Gillis who is SOOOO funny 🙂
  • LISTENING to Isabelle bloom!  This last year has brought more and more words from our sweet Isabelle.  It has been a delight to hear her sing her first songs and begin to make jokes and tease.  She is changing so much right before our eyes.  As the Lord gives her the gift of speech we are getting to see more of her personality and the special way God has made her.
  • Learning what a backhoe is and how cool trash trucks are!  Having a two year old boy is wonderful!
  • Teaching at Study & Share, the woman’s Bible Study @ Calvary Church, in the spring.  Leading a Bible study in my home with four other mom’s.


  • Family vacation in the Adirondacks!  Bike riding and Kayaking
  • Going to High Point Summer Camp
  • Starting fourth grade!
  • Playing U10 girls soccer and winning 2nd place trophy.
  • Nancy Drew Mystery Books
  • Playing softball for the first time & pitching


  • Going to Woodcrest Summer Camp
  • Fishing on vacation
  • Having Uncle Mike and Aunt Kristi here for Thanksgiving
  • Starting the second grade!


  • Fancy Nancy books and horses!
  • Being in Mrs. Long and Mrs. Hiatt’s five day preschool class.


  • Watching fire works on the Fourth @ Long’s Park
  • Riding with Daddy and Andy in the Trash Truck!
  • making friends! Morgyn, Judd, Jake, Thomas…

You can check out our 2009 photo highlights in our gallery.  (click here to go straight to the slide show)

We look forward to the new year and all the wonderful blessing the Lord will bring along the way!  In a few days we will be writing about what God has directed us to focus on in 2010 and what some of our goals are.

November 08

In November we celebrated not only Thanksgiving, but Emma!  It was Emma’s seventh birthday.  We celebrated by taking her, her two sisters and one friend to see Disney on Ice.  She kept asking me “is it going to be like a movie, or are they really going to be there?”  I watched her face when the first characters took the ice and it was classic!  She was so excited.  We had a super time celebrating her!

For Thanksgiving we traveled to Raliegh, NC to be with Brian’s brother Alan and his family.  It was our first opportunity to meet Lily and to see their new home.  It is always a blessing to be able to be with family, especially since our family is spread out over many states!  Owen really liked Alan and Michelle’s dog Maddy, who is a chow dog.  I am pretty sure Owen thought she was a lion!!  Owen would roar at her everytime he saw her 🙂 – precious memories.

While in Raliegh we got to meet up with some special friends at the park who were visiting family in Raliegh as well.  Our girls were delighted to get to see the Despres and play with Sophie.

If you would like to see some of these special moments, check out the newly updated gallery.

Owen and The Swing

This will make you chuckle and want to run to the rescue!  Enjoy!


We’ve gone Mac!!

Wow, for the longest time I would tell the “Apple freaks” I knew that a Windows PC was just as good.

Then…I started doing media projects on Mac computers and…Oh my!! I was convinced. (my apologies to those “Apple freaks” over the years…I was wrong). So we now own a pretty and powerful Mac-mini like the one below. My statement after getting it a few weeks ago and setting it up was “It just does things!” And that is true, on a PC it was usually a frustrating experience because it was SUPPOSED to do things but always ran into problems. The Mac is more intuitive and when there are problems (it is still a computer) much easier to fix.

Now, to put the icing on the cake, we are making the switch with our team at work to increase our media capabilities, productivity, and presentation abilities.

So, any of you Mac lovers out there who want to pass on some tips and “be sure to…” or “have you seen…”, please do. Mandy and I are learning so much.

Also, because it is incredibly easy to do, we have updated some new pictures on our gallery too, so check out Owen’s 1st birthday, Christmas 07, and our Bird pictures!! Yes bird pictures…we have always enjoyed birds, but this past Fall my parents opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Store in Tulsa, OK. So for Christmas we enjoyed getting some new feeders, birdbath and some seed. I never knew that the type and quality of seed had so much to do with the type and amount of birds you see at your feeders (makes sense though, good food, more birds) We are getting so many birds that we have never seen at our feeders in 5 years!! Fun


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Break the Silence! – It’s all about Owen

Wow, the silence of this blog is deafening! It has been too long since we posted anything…you can imagine that life has been crazy.


We just celebrated Owen’s first birthday! First with some of his Texas family and then here in PA. More pictures will come in the days ahead on our gallery.

Eating cake is not the only thing Owen has been busy with, check out the video below to see what he’s up to.


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