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Tuesday’s Tunes – A Little Longer

Years ago one of the students in our ministry gave my friend Greg Despres a CD with a song sung by Jenn Johnson which was so impacting that he shared it in one of his messages.  Upon hearing it I immediately went to purchase it because of how deeply it struck my heart.  This song has continued to impact my life so much that at times I open iTunes, select the song, select the repeat 1 song option, and press play.  I sit and pray, sometimes through tears because of the message of the song.  This past summer some of our students found this video and played it during an all night prayer/worship gathering.  Watch below and see if it might strike your heart in a deep way:


Here is the part of the song that hits me the hardest:
“Then hear you saying to me
Listen, you don’t have to do a thing
Just simply be with me
and let those things go
‘Cause they can wait another minute”

It is so easy to get caught up in ministry or any christian service with a “do” attitude (which can turn in to a “do-do” attitude) rather than a “be” attitude.  Take a moment today and just be with your creator God, listen, relish in God’s love, and then stay there a little longer…those other things can wait another minute.

This Sunday morning in Calvary Church’s Sr High Insight this song fits so perfectly into our current series and will be featured…you don’t want to miss the way in which this will be creatively featured!

Tuesday’s Tunes

One of the things that has been very powerful in my life through the years is music.  I think that is mostly universal for people, and we all resonate with certain types of music.  I love all types of music, but the words are important to the experience that I have as well as they style of music.

So here is a place that I want to share some of the songs that have impacted me through the years and currently.

This summer we loaded the family up in the suburban to take our long Oklahoma/Texas/Georgia tour, as we were leaving town we stopped at our traditional first stop, Starbucks!  Mandy went in to get the drinks and I stayed back with the kids…then this song struck me at the heart


I bought it on my iPhone right there while waiting on Mandy, and it quickly became one of those “our song” types of songs between Mandy and I.  His advice for making it in marriage is right on!  We could use this stuff in the premarital counseling we’ve done…

“Be a best friend,
tell the truth,
overuse ‘I love you’
go to work, do your best
don’t outsmart your common sense,
never let your prayin’ knees get lazy,
and love like CRAAAZY!”

“Always treat your woman like a lady,
never get to old to call her baby,
never let your prayin’ knees get lazy,
and love like CRAAAAZY!”

Now, That’ll Preach!
May the Lord grant us 58+ years together.

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