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Loving the iPad!

My birthday was at the beginning of the month and my husband and kids surprised me with an iPad2! I should have known something was up when my kids kept begging me to open my gift from them 🙂 I love figuring out how to use this technology in my life, for both fun and for productivity! I keep researching best ways to use it and my kids keep stealing it away to take pics, videos, play games and make music in GarageBand.

Our church is currently in a series of sermons that have memory verses included, one for each week. As a family we have been working to memorize these verses. I decided to video the kids saying them and have fun on iMovie putting together the different clips.

The other day, I found Isabelle watching the video clip of her and her siblings saying their verses. I then saw her begin to tape herself re-saying them and including the “good job” comment I added at the end. This got my mind to thinking!!

Isabelle currently is not able to count higher than 13, she always messes up when we get to 14. I have been thinking we would work on this during the summer as well as other things.

The two thoughts came together for me!

I decided to video myself counting objects up to 20. I thought maybe she will watch it over and over and actually count with it! When I made the first video I did not even get it finished before she and Owen showed up wanting to watch it over and over. The second video I spontaneously captured on our driveway after we wrote out numbers 1-20 with sidewalk chalk.

I am looking forward to see what will come of this little experiment! I already found her watching one and counting along! I will let you know how it goes 🙂 Numbers 14-20 may just be in her vocabulary sometime soon!

My love for my iPad2 grows.

We’ve gone Mac!!

Wow, for the longest time I would tell the “Apple freaks” I knew that a Windows PC was just as good.

Then…I started doing media projects on Mac computers and…Oh my!! I was convinced. (my apologies to those “Apple freaks” over the years…I was wrong). So we now own a pretty and powerful Mac-mini like the one below. My statement after getting it a few weeks ago and setting it up was “It just does things!” And that is true, on a PC it was usually a frustrating experience because it was SUPPOSED to do things but always ran into problems. The Mac is more intuitive and when there are problems (it is still a computer) much easier to fix.

Now, to put the icing on the cake, we are making the switch with our team at work to increase our media capabilities, productivity, and presentation abilities.

So, any of you Mac lovers out there who want to pass on some tips and “be sure to…” or “have you seen…”, please do. Mandy and I are learning so much.

Also, because it is incredibly easy to do, we have updated some new pictures on our gallery too, so check out Owen’s 1st birthday, Christmas 07, and our Bird pictures!! Yes bird pictures…we have always enjoyed birds, but this past Fall my parents opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Store in Tulsa, OK. So for Christmas we enjoyed getting some new feeders, birdbath and some seed. I never knew that the type and quality of seed had so much to do with the type and amount of birds you see at your feeders (makes sense though, good food, more birds) We are getting so many birds that we have never seen at our feeders in 5 years!! Fun


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