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Costa Rica Pictures!!

Ok, we finally got our pictures posted from our Costa Rica Trip!

We went for 10 days, mainly working with Green Earth Coffee in a village of the Cabecar indians in the Cartago Provence.  This was our first mainly humanitarian type trip that we have worked with (even though we ended up in a 2 hr. church service in the dark with some Cabecar people each night after 10-12 hr work days).  What a fantastic team we went with!!  I have never lead a team where everyone was so eager to work hard with ANY job and not complain.  I know that the connections we made there will stay with us for the rest of our life!

There is a War going on…

During this time of year we are always more aware of the effects of war because of soldiers away from families or remembering those who have been lost during war times.  Our girls were excited when one of their classmate’s dad was able to return for Christmas this year!
There is another costly war going on that each of us can be involved in.  Watch the video below and share ways in which you think we can decrease the deadly effects accumulating in this war.


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