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Living Water in Plain Tin Cups

tin cupI am here today at my Galatians seminary class at biblical seminary. It is an alternate format class with Scot McKnight, we meet 3 times, each time Thurs – Fri.
Anyway, last night in class Scot said a phrase that hit home with me. We were talking about the language and theological systems that we use to explain God, salvation, eternity, etc. Then he said the phrase… that these were all plain tin cups trying to hold the living water…our systems or vocabulary trying to hold the fullness of Christ and the deep mystery of the triune God relating with his creation. Our focus should not be as much on the tin cups, but rather pursuing to drink deep of the living water! This is definitely right up the alley of drink and flow…drinking deep of Christ and flowing to others. We can’t reduce understanding of God, the living water, to our little containers. Let’s pursue the living water all the more while seeking to enlarge our containers to drink of him more deeply!

I am loving the class, and wishing that I could dive into the stuff more.

Much thanks to JR & Megan Briggs for giving me a place to stay last night, saving me much time and gas to drive from Philly to Lancaster and back again!

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