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Moore Memorable Moments of 2009

Today is the last day of 2009 and with that comes the desire to take a moment to reflect back on the treasured events of this past year.  We are thankful for the Lord’s many blessings!  He is always so faithful to provide for our needs and bless us with delights along the way.  Even the difficult times are a blessing from Him, since they cause us to draw even closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here are a few of our memory highlights of 2009:


  • Bed & Breakfast weekend getaway gift given to Mandy and I from students in the ministry
  • Summer vacationing in the Adirondacks for the first time…being blessed with an incredible campsite
  • Speaking the full message from 2 Peter for the Calvary Church main service the day after my birthday
  • 24 hour Junior & Senior guys wilderness retreat this past November.  The outdoors is a great place for getting to know others and growing deeper with God.
  • Getting a bow and arrows, something that I have wanted to get for years…now to keep practicing and learn hunting to get my first deer (hopefully a 2010 highlight!)


  • Watching Addie play soccer!  That girl just headed the ball 🙂  GOAL!!!
  • Hearing Emma tell all about her day at school.  She is so animated in her stories and just loves her teacher Mr. Gillis who is SOOOO funny 🙂
  • LISTENING to Isabelle bloom!  This last year has brought more and more words from our sweet Isabelle.  It has been a delight to hear her sing her first songs and begin to make jokes and tease.  She is changing so much right before our eyes.  As the Lord gives her the gift of speech we are getting to see more of her personality and the special way God has made her.
  • Learning what a backhoe is and how cool trash trucks are!  Having a two year old boy is wonderful!
  • Teaching at Study & Share, the woman’s Bible Study @ Calvary Church, in the spring.  Leading a Bible study in my home with four other mom’s.


  • Family vacation in the Adirondacks!  Bike riding and Kayaking
  • Going to High Point Summer Camp
  • Starting fourth grade!
  • Playing U10 girls soccer and winning 2nd place trophy.
  • Nancy Drew Mystery Books
  • Playing softball for the first time & pitching


  • Going to Woodcrest Summer Camp
  • Fishing on vacation
  • Having Uncle Mike and Aunt Kristi here for Thanksgiving
  • Starting the second grade!


  • Fancy Nancy books and horses!
  • Being in Mrs. Long and Mrs. Hiatt’s five day preschool class.


  • Watching fire works on the Fourth @ Long’s Park
  • Riding with Daddy and Andy in the Trash Truck!
  • making friends! Morgyn, Judd, Jake, Thomas…

You can check out our 2009 photo highlights in our gallery.  (click here to go straight to the slide show)

We look forward to the new year and all the wonderful blessing the Lord will bring along the way!  In a few days we will be writing about what God has directed us to focus on in 2010 and what some of our goals are.

Summer Tour Part 4 (Rockport fishing,etc)

brian_fish.jpgOne of the fun things that I was able to do in Rockport was do some night fishing. Since the kids were all in bed, each night I went out to the end of the pier and set out a few rods with various baits and waited. Well, not just waiting, one night I enjoyed talking to Mandy who was out there with me and the other nights I spent talking with God about life and family. Actually I usually wasn’t alone because a Blue Heron would land on our pier and sneak up behind me to see if he could get a bit of my bait or waiting for a catch.
It was a wonderful time, but I didn’t catch anything worth keeping UNTIL the last night. I didn’t ever take a watch out with me and time was not a concern, so I didn’t know how late it had gotten, but…later I figured out that it was at about 1:45a.m. that one of my rods started twitching, so I picked it up and let the line out a bit…waited…and then set the hook for the catch! This was extra fun because this reel was an old little zebco closed faced reel on a smaller pole…no matter what the drag was set at the fish kept pulling it out while I was trying to real it in. It ended up being a gafftop catfish, 22 in, 3lbs. SO everybody was asleep and it had been YEARS since I had cleaned a catfish. But I got my knife and went at it…took me awhile, but got some good fillets! Then I checked on what time it was and saw that it was 2:20 a.m. so I went to pull in the other rods, got to the end of the pier and saw another one of my lines going off in to the darkness. So I picked up the rod and began to reel in what was another gafftop catfish, slightly smaller that the one before, but a keeper with some good meat. (the second catch is the one pictured above, for a picture of the first one, click here) I decided that it was too late for me to try cleaning another fish, put it in a floating buoy thing and went to bed, leaving another baited line still out in the bay.
In the morning I checked the other line and it was wrapped around a post on the pier and snapped off, so I guess if I would have just stayed out all night I could have caught another! But then what good would I had been to drive to Dallas the next day?? Grandad and James helped me clean the fish that next morning and I got to tell everyone my fish stories from the night before! I don’t get to fish very often, so it was great fun for me!!

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