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Y’all Breastfeed now, ya hear!

While listening to Ranger baseball games recently we heard this service announcement which just makes me laugh. So take a moment, press play and listen.

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Now that is funny!

I read in Newsweek that a lady was charge with indecent exposure for nursing in a park in New York. The article went on to say that states are making laws to protect mother’s rights to breastfeed in public and that there is a new push to encourage mothers to nurse for 6 months to a year. Evidently women will start with nursing but stop after a month or so, or when they are heading back to work. I think this song is a great way to get people to think about breastfeed and laugh at the same time 🙂 It is a part of a new breastfeeding campaign.

I have nursed each of our four children and had some interesting experiences along the way. I think I have nursed a baby in more places and circumstances than I could count. I usually get some interesting looks and comments. In NY once a man said to me “Oh, I know what you are doing under there” (although I am a breastfeeding advocate I choose to do so with blanket coverage while in public.) Recently, a man in a nursing home went to move the blanket to see Owen and I had to ask him to wait. I always get lots of questions from little kids. A five year old friend of Emma’s wanted to know if I was feeding the baby from my belly button. It is always funny to see my girls pretend to nurse their baby dolls.

Reasons I love breastfeeding:
1. It is a great way to connect with my babies
2. It is healthy and best for my kiddos
3. It saves a ton of money
4. It is quick and easy in the middle of the night or anywhere
5. It helps my body recover from delivery and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight

So for all those lactating women out there…. you can do it! Keep “giving from your heart or somewhere close by”

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