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Hello 2010!

moore familyA new year calls for new and renewed goals.  If you are not purposeful in life, you will get swept up in whatever is around you and before you know it years will have passed by, patterns will be set, and unwanted results will be occurring.  We find this can be true in our lives so we are challenged to be purposeful and want to challenge others to do the same.

As a family we have purposed to step up to the challenge of learning to love one another better in 2010.  Now, that would be a nice traditional resolution, but to make it effective, we have given it more specifics. (read fellow blogger, Michael Hyatt, about making resolutions “stick”)

So we have chosen 1 Peter 4.8-9 to guide us through this year.

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.

In a family of 6, love, hospitality, and not grumbling are great necessities for a well functioning team.  So our goals all carry this focus with them.

We will memorize 1 Peter 4.8-9 as a family, and use it as a springboard for prayer throughout the year.  Mandy will be dedicating time throughout the year studying the ways God loves.

    Brian will increase daddy-dates with each child to happen 1 time per month on the date of their birthday.  So Emma, who has a birthday on November 5th, rejoiced that she gets to be the first one under the new goal…she is already making plans for what we will do on Tuesday, January 5th. (Owen doesn’t start yet because we start them on their 3rd birthday)
    All the family will each read at least 20 books this year (Isabelle and Owen will have to be read to).  Our blog readers will for sure be kept up to date on what books we are reading and how this goal is progressing through the year
    Mandy and Brian will run a half-marathon this year (Kuddos to Greg & Allison for the marathon/half-marathon they will be running in a few weeks!)
    Brian will submit 3 articles this year to a magazine for publication consideration

As we listen to the direction of God and walk with him through this year of loving, there will be more goals that we commit to and ways that we will change what we have set out to do.  We look forward to how this year will unfold as we strive to live out this journey of faith, family, and ministry.  May the Lord bless you and your goals in the year 2010…share your goals in the comments!!

Break the Silence! – It’s all about Owen

Wow, the silence of this blog is deafening! It has been too long since we posted anything…you can imagine that life has been crazy.


We just celebrated Owen’s first birthday! First with some of his Texas family and then here in PA. More pictures will come in the days ahead on our gallery.

Eating cake is not the only thing Owen has been busy with, check out the video below to see what he’s up to.


Another BIG Celebration!!

Well, this is the year for celebrating big birthdays in our family. We have another joining the “60 Club”
Today we celebrate Grandad’s birthday with a greeting from almost all the grandkids (only missing Julianna 🙁 ). When we gathered at Christmas time we got them together to express our love for him.

Join us in celebration!!


Celebrating Grampy!

Today we honor and celebrate Grampy, aka Mandy’s Dad, who is turning 60…although he says he is turning 16(celsius)

Enjoy the video and celebrate Grampy with us!

Celebrating Mom/Grandma’s 60th!

Today is your birthday!……
We want to wish my mom a GREAT birthday today. In fact, the girls put together a show that they wanted to do for her, but being 1200 miles away, we’ll do it online…then everyone else gets to join in the celebration too!

ALSO yesterday, my mom and dad opened their new store!! Congratulations on the new Wild Bird’s Unlimited Nature Shop!!

A Wonderful way to turn 35!

I have a great family (immediate and extended)! This morning I woke up to three girls and Mandy singing me happy birthday with a tray full of breakfast. Sobjm-2007.jpg we sat and talked about birthday memories while I ate pancakes, bacon, grapefruit, orange juice, and coffee! THEN I got an 8 hand back massage…aahhhh.
When I came downstairs, I had postal cards, e-cards, email birthday messages, and gift certificates from family across the country! I am blessed!
One of my presents was given to me early, a personal photo shoot. Here is one of the pictures that Dean took of me in mid-May. We had fun and were up till about 1 a.m. when we did it.
On Friday I get a full hour deep-tissue massage appointment set up by Mandy! I haven’t ever had something like that and look forward the relaxation.
On top of it all, today is a BEAUTIFUL day in PA! Although I don’t think God made this day just for me(there are a lot of people celebrating a birthday in hot muggy rain or dry, dusty, ugly weather), I thank God for sunshine, 70 degrees, and a slight breeze. He has been faithful to me and has blessed me with his grace and freedom to become what he has created me to be…so I can glorify him by being most satisfied in him!

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