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Retraining Takes Time

Last weekend we granted Emma her year long dream of having a parakeet.  As a family we headed to the pet store to pick out two parakeets (they are social animals you know) a cage and all the extras.  Everyone in the family was very into this activity, to say the least!

The first night of our little ones being in our home was perfect.  Emma spent the evening right next to the cage, informing us of their every move.  They did not move much, probably due to getting over the drastic change they had just gone through.  They also made only a few little tweets.

Then morning came!

As our new friends became comfortable with their new home they began to tweet and move about, and that is when Ranger (our Weimaraner) discovered what was in the house!

With out going into all the details we will summarize the next several days with these words “Ranger the birds are our friends, not your food!”  Just imagine with me as Ranger lunges for the cage and sends all four children into a fit of yelling and crying, and he does so repeatedly!

Yesterday, I called the vet to see if they had any advice.  I am really a little worried we may not be able to change Ranger’s thoughts about these birds.  I would HATE to crush my little girls heart by telling her we have to give the birds away!!

Here was the advice:

“Get a spray water bottle.  Every time he gets excited about the birds spray him in the face and say no.  He has to be retrained to learn the birds are OK to be there.  He is a smart dog I think he will get it in a few days.”

Only time is going to tell if Ranger is able to be retrained!  Somehow I had forgotten all the birds he has killed in the back yard.  I am not kidding, he usually kills two or three a year.  I am a little embarrassed to say this did not cross my mind.  I am not too positive that a spray water bottle is going to do the trick…we shall see.

This retraining thing got stuck in my head!  I am currently in a new phase of life.  The ministry that sits before me is not familiar.  I keep longing for things of the past.  The Lord is retraining me.  I think He does that in our lives.  Sometimes it is gentle and calm, a simple redirection.  Sometimes it is in-your-face like a splash of water, a forceful redirection.  When it is done, what is the result?  Peace, peace in the Lord’s will and in His character.  Retraining takes time, and I am thankful the Lord is not finished with me yet!

1. Are you feeling the gentle hand of the Lord to retrain you in an area of life?  Instead of a gentle hand is He choosing an in-your-face method?

2. Do you long for the retraining to be done that you might reflect Him in a greater way?  In what way will you reflect Him differently than you do now, once you have been retrained?

Currently, Ranger is whining at the cage he needs me to stop typing and go be in-his-face!


We’ve gone Mac!!

Wow, for the longest time I would tell the “Apple freaks” I knew that a Windows PC was just as good.

Then…I started doing media projects on Mac computers and…Oh my!! I was convinced. (my apologies to those “Apple freaks” over the years…I was wrong). So we now own a pretty and powerful Mac-mini like the one below. My statement after getting it a few weeks ago and setting it up was “It just does things!” And that is true, on a PC it was usually a frustrating experience because it was SUPPOSED to do things but always ran into problems. The Mac is more intuitive and when there are problems (it is still a computer) much easier to fix.

Now, to put the icing on the cake, we are making the switch with our team at work to increase our media capabilities, productivity, and presentation abilities.

So, any of you Mac lovers out there who want to pass on some tips and “be sure to…” or “have you seen…”, please do. Mandy and I are learning so much.

Also, because it is incredibly easy to do, we have updated some new pictures on our gallery too, so check out Owen’s 1st birthday, Christmas 07, and our Bird pictures!! Yes bird pictures…we have always enjoyed birds, but this past Fall my parents opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Store in Tulsa, OK. So for Christmas we enjoyed getting some new feeders, birdbath and some seed. I never knew that the type and quality of seed had so much to do with the type and amount of birds you see at your feeders (makes sense though, good food, more birds) We are getting so many birds that we have never seen at our feeders in 5 years!! Fun


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