A New York Lesson


Our family returned home on Saturday from a six day trip to New York City.  Since moving to Pennsylvania we have taken yearly trips to New York to do outreach in the parks and on the streets of New York.  It has become a constant in our summer schedule, and we love it.  I was thinking this week, that when I think of NY I think of the parks and the people.  Both are so numerous in the city, and both I love spending time with when there!

Brian and I both had the opportunity to teach to a group of high school students and their leaders who were in NY for a missions trip.  Brian shared with the students the gospel is for all people, using Matthew 9:35-38 as his main text.  I shared the gospel for life, using II Timothy.  We both enjoyed our time with this group and were thankful to have opportunities to share truth from God’s Word with them.

Every time I go to NY I am struck by hospitality!  That might surprise you, but it is ingrained in the people of NY!  Everywhere I go I hear “Welcome to New York!  Where are you from?  What are you going to do while you are here?”  New Yorkers have this deep desire that you love your time in their city, because they love their city!  Our hosts the Sotelo’s are always striving to make our time there enjoyable.

Situation A: My oldest daughter had hurt her ankle and was hobbling around.  We wanted to go to a museum but were concerned about the walking.  Without being prompted the Sotelo’s researched and discovered that the museum had wheelchairs to use.  “You can not come to New York and let a hurt ankle be in the way.”

Situation B: While in China town my youngest daughter decided she was upset with her souvenir choice and wanted something different.  She started to cry over this problem while we were in a new store.  The store owner was so concerned, “You can not cry while you are visiting New York!  What does she want, I will get it.  Oh, we do not have Barbies so you can not cry.”

Hospitality, kindness, love our city because we do…is seen all over New York!

It gives me a picture of what hospitality can look like.  As the host of my home, my city and my church I want to help people love their stay.


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